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My name is Davina Amiri and I am an Artist's lawyer based in NY. While representing clients, I have become frustrated with the lack of bargaining power for Artists.

After going to SXSW 2013 and listening to many music experts and panelists, I saw the need for a strong and aggressive representative voice for musicians in the Music Industry.

Together We Have a Voice

As new technologies rattle the entire Entertainment Industry, now is especially the time for Musicians to come together. Not at the hands of Corporate created organizations, but from the hands of Musicians and Music lovers as well.

This social enterprise will help Musicians regain power in contract negotiations, which means more money for Musicians.

We truly believe if Musicians and Music Lover's unite through this organization and Musicians agree to certain minimum requirements for their contracts, Musicians will finally have an equal playing field in the Music Industry.

What Makes Us Different

Musician Rights is different from any other oranizations advocating for musicians, because it starts a movement

  1. where musicians agree to fair contract standards
  2. is free of entrenched business interests
  3. defines Musician Rights
  4. unites musicians and music lover's